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VA Landscape and Lawn Care Service, Inc. provides the best, affordable lawn care and maintenance services in Leesburg, VA.  We are a family operated business and have many clients in Leesburg, VA.  We are proud to say that most of our business is through referrals from our happy clients.

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Lawn Mowing Service

VA Landscaping and Lawn Services, Inc.  will make your lawn and yard clean and beautiful.

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Best Lawn care services in Leesburg

In Leesburg, a healthy lawn needs more than occasional watering, it needs regular maintenance. Trust VA Landscaping and Lawn Services, Inc. to bring life to your lawn within your budget. Our lawn care services include expert lawn cut, seeding, edging and fertilizing. We provide weekly and bi-weekly services to suit your schedule and budget.

Expert Lawn Mowing and Care Services, Leesburg, VA

Here at VA Landscaping and Lawn Services Inc, we know you would love to have a healthy green lawn for your home in Leesburg, VA. A beautiful green lawn enhances the appeal of your home and also adds value to your home. A healthy green lawn is great for outdoor family fun.

To match your needs, we offer a wide range of affordable lawn maintenance and care services in Leesburg, VA.

Lawn Maintenance Services, Leesburg, VA

Residential lawn mowing

Enjoy a neatly cut, healthy lawn with our professional residential lawn mowing services. Our lawn mowing specialists guarantee great results.

Lawn edging

Our landscapers will neatly trim the edges of your grass. Regular lawn mowing and edging will make your lawn clean, healthy and beautiful.

Lawn Care and Repair Services, Leesburg, VA


We provide seasonal lawn feeding to enhance the color of your grass, reduce weeds and moss. We usually work on grass fertilizing in the early spring.

Lawn Aeration

Lawn aeration is usually performed in spring and fall. The build-up of lawn thatch makes it difficult for your lawn to breathe. Lawn aeration is the process of puncturing the soil with small holes. This aids in providing vital elements such as nutrients, oxygen, air and water to enter the grassroots and make your lawn healthy.

Killing Moss

Let our lawn experts treat your grass with the proper solutions and rejuvenate your lawn.


We can repair patchy areas in your lawn by planting grass seeds directly into the soil to improve your lawn’s density.

Why Choose Virginia Landscaping, Inc of Leesburg, VA?

  • Residential lawn mowing and care services
  • Pay as you go lawn care services
  • Affordable lawn care services
  • Upfront pricing
  • Price includes all tools and equipment
  • Local, experienced and skilled lawn specialists
  • Personalized lawn treatment tailored to your needs
Leesburg Lawn Mowing Services
Leesburg Lawn Maintenance

Leesburg is the county seat of Loudoun County, Virginia. It was built in 1740 and is named for the Lee family, early leaders of the town and ancestors of Robert E. Lee. Wikipedia

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